NCA 2009 Paper Acceptances

May 01, 2009
A list of NCA 2009 paper acceptances.
NCA 2009 Paper Acceptances: 

  • Dayna Chatman will be presenting a research paper, titled "The gendered workplace: An analysis of gender practices in the fictional work world of Grey's Anatomy."
  • Jim Danowski's research paper, titled "Automatic Time-Series Mapping of Social Networks of Political Actors," has been accepted for presentation to the Political Communication Division.
  • Sharon Meraz, "Testing Agenda Setting and Social Influence Theories in Traditional Media and Political Blog Networks, " accepted in NCA Political Communication Division.
  • Maggie Griffith, "Branding charity: Turning shopping into a funding solution," accepted in NCA Visual Communication Division.
  • Diem-My Bui, organized/chairing panel for the Feminist and Women's Studies Division, titled "Enacting Neoliberal Discourse Globally through Women," accepted for NCA 2009.
  • Zach Benjamin, presenter on panel "Organizational Rhetoric: Where are we?" accepted by the Organizational Communication Division.
  • Hui-Ching Chang, "Ideology of differences: A critique and an alternative approach," accepted in NCA International and Intercultural Communication Division.
  • Jim Danowski, "Convergence and Divergence of Semantic Networks and Social Networks: An Orgo-Mechanical Screwing Model," accepted by the Communication and Social Cognition (CSC) Division, 2nd paper acceptance for Danowski.
  • Richard Doherty, on "Nature Conservation or Human Protection: Messages of Italian and American Park Signage," Scholar to scholar session.
  • Ryan Henke, "Challenging the Social Construction of Evangelicals: The Case of the Iraq War," accepted for presentation.
  • Jack Jones, organized and submitted panel on *Professional Speechwriting by Ghosts and Nonghosts: Cooperatively Create Discourse that Moves Audiences from Stability to Transformational Change*, accepted by NCA's Training and Development Division.
  • Camille Johnson-Yale, organized and proposed panel titled "Discourses of Stability and Change among Media(ted) Labor, " accepted by the Critical and Cultural Studies Division, NCA.
  • A panel featuring several of our folks, accepted to NCA: Virtual Worlds and Virtual Words: The Roles of Rhetoric and Metaphor in New Media. List of presenters and affiliations: Gordon Carlson, UIC; Sabryna Cornish, NIU; David Gunkel, NIU; Steve Jones, UIC; James J. Sosnoski, UIC; Kelly Quinn, UIC

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