Department of Communication gets grant to renovate Research Lab!

Aug 01, 2010
Department of Communication gets grant to renovate Research Lab!

Department of Communication gets grant to renovate Research Lab!
The ATHENA Fund, a group of Chicago-based investors who had previously supported renovations of our department instructional spaces in BSB, has just agreed to fund a renovation of our lab space. The gift comes in the amount of $50,000, and is matched by LAS at 5%, and also supported through a partnership with the Electronic Visualization Lab. The renovation of the space will support the creation of a NEW MEDIA IN EVERYDAY LIFE laboratory, dedicated to developing research interests of our faculty and students. The lab will also support teaching needs and enhance our curricular foci.

Athena New Media in Everyday Life Lab
This Lab will function as a collaborative space for undergraduate, graduate students and faculty working on research projects that focus on the relationship between communication technologies and society. Research projects are interdisciplinary and connect the social and economic, health, and computer and information sciences to investigate questions concerning the relationship between technology and society. Research topics include:

  • Globalization and the information society
  • Social networks, social media, and social behaviors
  • Video games
  • The internet as playground and factory
  • Online media and democracy
  • The new journalism, hyperlocal journalism and collaborative newsmaking
  • Digital media, learning, and education
  • Civic engagement and technology
  • Gender/class/race and digital divides
  • Security, privacy, and identity

Simply put, we want graduate and undergraduate students to use the lab to surprise us by researching questions that are new to everyone, including us. We see this as groundbreaking collaborative and flexible space that emulates cutting edge labs, but also challenges the faculty and student body at UIC to rethink what they consider a lab to be.

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