International Communication Association 2011

May 01, 2011
Faculty members presented their work at the International Communication Association 2011 Conference.
Congratulations to all of our colleagues who will be presenting their work in ICA 2011, and here is more of what I have received so far, below: Barnhurst, K., paper presenter, The Image of News in the Long View 

Barnhurst, K., Chair, News Photography in Contemporary Journalism: Looking beyond Production and Selection Processes Panel

Barnhurst, K., Organizer, Political Communication Graduate Student Preconference

Latzko-Toth, G. A Co-Construction Story: Users as Co-Designers of a Communication Device -- The Case of IRC - Communication and Technology Division

Yuan, E., paper presenter, Community in Modern Societies: A culturalist critique of 'online community' in new media studies" - Global Communication and Social Change division

Yuan, E., paper presenter, Language use as social practice on the Chinese Internet" - Asian Communication Association division.

Papacharissi w/ Yuan, paper presenters, What if the Internet Did Not Speak English? New and Old Language for Studying Newer Media Technologies - Communication History

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