Intellectual Life

Annual University of Illinois Communication Collaboration Conference

With faculty funding, graduate students in the department plan and host an annual day-long research conference involving graduate students from other U of I campuses. Beginning during the fall semester, students select a theme and venue and invite a keynote speaker known for work on that topic. During the spring semester, students review proposals, organize the program, arrange a group luncheon, and of course deliver their own papers and research proposals. The event usually occurs on a Friday during March.

2012 hosted by UIS
2011 hosted by UIC
2010 hosted by UIUC
2009 hosted by UIS
2008 hosted by UIC
2007 hosted by UIUC
2006 hosted by UIC


The Department sponsors a monthly colloquium during Fall and Spring Semesters. Students sit at the table (and can bring a lunch) and are first to exchange opinions with speakers, faculty, and each other. They receive feedback on emerging projects and join the intellectual community with professors and fellow graduate students. The colloquia are informal 90-minute conversations. Presenters may circulate a paper in advance for those attending to read. Colloquia are recorded and made available on Vimeo.