Advising & Registration

Students in need of course advising should contact the Social Sciences Advisers on the 8th floor of University Hall. Students need to log in online to schedule an appointment: LAS Advising.
If you have questions about internships, independent study, etc. you should seek advising from Christina Zimmerman in the COMM department. Please phone 312-996-8137 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Each semester
, some COMM classes at the 200 level and above require department or course of study approval before registration. Note: Approvals are subject to course prerequisites, department policies and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences polices. Receiving department approval does not guarantee a seat in the course.

For general advising students should make an appointment with LAS Advising once a year in 809 UH. In addition, LAS Advising can assist students with declaring the major, minor and planning an appropriate course of study toward gradation with a major in Communciaton. Interested students should schedule an appointment with an LAS Academic Advisor who specializes in Communication. Students can schedule an appointment online: LAS Advising.

The Department Advisor, Christina Zimmerman, is available by appointment only to discuss internships, career advising, and graduate school application/preparation. Please call (312) 996-3187 to schedule an appointment.

Each semester, Communication faculty post and hold regular office hours. They are also available for informal advising by appointment about:

  • available resources and support
  • student applications for scholarships
  • outside learning opportunities