Major Requirements

The Communication page of the UIC Undergraduate Catalog lists the most current major requirements. The major has two components, core courses and electives. The core includes courses that all majors must complete across the levels of the Communication curriculum. The electives are required courses that majors select.

The core courses introduce students to fundamental concepts, theories, issues, and research methods in communication. It emphasizes students' acquisition of a broad base of knowledge of the field and of a cognitive framework that will assist them in their selection of advanced courses and their career opportunities. Core courses address:

  • underlying principles that govern communication in a variety of settings
  • introduce students to general definitions, theory, and applications of communication
  • and expose students to skills in library research, critical thinking, and argumentative writing and speaking

Students should acquire, ultimately, an understanding of the processes that govern communication in a world that is shaped by, and depends on, information.

Electives combine analysis and research. Two electives in the major must be at the 400 level (and students may take either 490 or 491, the required capstone experience, only once).

The Department also offers instruction at the fundamentals level, courses designed for early in the academic career that count for general education credit. Majors are encouraged to get this basic training, but no credit in fundamentals counts toward requirements for the major. See Declaring the Major.