Students may declare the major in Communication at any time.

To declare communication as either a major or a minor, students should declare in the LAS Social Sciences Advising located in University Hall. 

Each semester, some COMM classes at the 200 level and above require department or course of study approval before registration. Note: Approvals are subject to course prerequisites, department policies and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences polices. Receiving department approval does not guarantee a seat in the course. For general advising students should make an appointment with LAS Advising once a year in 809 UH. In addition, LAS Advising can assist students with declaring the major, minor and planning an appropriate course of study toward gradation with a major in Communciaton. Interested students should schedule an appointment with an LAS Academic Advisor who specializes in Communication. Students can call (312) 355-5133 to schedule an appointment.

The Department Advisor, Christina Zimmerman, is available by appointment only to discuss internships, career advising, and graduate school application/preparation. Please call (312) 996-3187 to schedule an appointment.

Each semester, Communication faculty post and hold regular office hours. They are also available for informal advising by appointment about:

  • available resources and support
  • student applications for scholarships
  • outside learning opportunities

Email and the Internet allow students to communicate with faculty beyond class meetings and office hours.
Give us a call at 312-355-5133 if you have additional questions.

Students seeking careers in in art and design such as filmmaking, graphic design, interaction design, photography, and the like, should see the UIC School of Art and Design. Students looking for hands-on production training in traditional areas of communication, such as broadcast news, forensics (debate), journalism, reporting, speech teaching, and the like, should consider University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


The Communication major emphasizes communication theory and research. Students have the opportunity to develop analytical skills that will render them more critical consumers of media. Potential majors should note that the program does not focus on production.

The Communication program has among the highest admissions standards of any program in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS).