May 23 2011

International Communication Association (Boston): Spring 2011

May 23 - 30, 2011

Communication faculty and students this week at the International Communication Association Conference in Boston:

Barnhurst, Kevin G.
The Form of Online News in the Mainstream U.S. Press, 2001–2010.
Sunday, May 29, 09:00-10:15. Quincy.

Defossez, Ellen, J.
The Evolving Media Discourse on Gender and Depression: A Quantitative Analysis of Print Publications.
Sunday, May 29, 15:00-16:15. Burroughs.

Easton, Emily
Turn to Stone: The Dangerous Impacts of Aesthetics on the Values of Popular Culture. (Preconference)
Thursday, May 26, 09:00-17:00. Charles Beard Room, Emerson College.

Feng, M., May, A. and Song H.
Young Adults' Internet Pornography Use and Its Effects on Adopting High Risk Sexual Practices.
Sunday, May 29, 13:30-14:45, Grand Ballroom A/B. Health Communication #79.

2011 Steve Jones Internet Research Lecture: Internet Research and a Future for Libraries.
Session Participants
Chair: Steven Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago
Speaker: John Palfrey, Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Sunday, May 29, 4:30pm - 5:45pm. Westin Waterfront, Harbor Ballroom I.

Latzko-Toth, Guillaume
A Co-construction Story: Users as Codesigners of a Communication Device: The Case of IRC.
Saturday, May 28, 10:30-11:45. Commonwealth Ballroom A.

Lee, C.S. and Watson-Manheim, M.B.
Perceived Risk and ICT Use in Globally Distributed Software Development Teams.
International Communication Association, Online Virtual Conference, May-June 2011.

Papacharissi, Z. and Yuan, E.
What if the Internet Did Not Speak English? New and Old Language for Studying Newer Media Technologies.
Sunday, May 29, 1:30pm - 2:45pm. Westin Waterfront/Grand Ballroom A/B.

Yuan, Elaine
Language Use as Social Practice on the Chinese Internet.
Friday, May 27, 09:00-10:15. Otis.

Community in Modern Societies: A culturalist critique of online community in the new media studies.
Monday, May 30, 10:30-11:45. Commonwealth Ballroom C.



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