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Photo of Yao, Yueyang

Yueyang Yao

Doctoral Student


Yueyang Yao is a first-year PhD student in the Department of Communication. She has developed interest in Non-profit Organizations since she worked in a research center on Philanthropy and Public Policy at Sun Yat-sen University, where she graduated with a BA degree. She pursued and received her MA in Media and Development, an interdisciplinary major, from the University of Westminster in 2016. Her MA thesis explores the presentation, narratives, structures and mobilization patterns of fair trade movement in the social media context. Her current research interest includes, but is not limited to, social campaign, lifestyle politics, and popular culture. She has worked as a PR officer, project manager, and lecturer in China's NGO sector before she decided to investigate the reality in a more critical and systematic way through the lens of communication.


BA in Business Communication, Sun Yat-sen University
MA in Media and Development, University of Westminster