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UIC PhD Student in Communication, Eloise Germic quoted in Huffpost

Congratulations to Eloise Germic, PhD student in our program, who is quoted on HuffPost Life about parenting and social media. Specifically, she talked about her thesis research on mommy bloggers that was published in Social Media and Society.

Please see the quote below, and here is the link to the full story:

Eloise Germic, a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois Chicago’s Department of Communication, dubbed these two types of motherhood portrayals on Instagram “alpha mom” and “realistic mom” in a study she conducted from late 2019 to early 2020, which was published in the journal Social Media + Society.

“Back when I was conducting the study and really diving into the content, I was not super familiar with the mommy influencer space. But as soon as I started to look into it, I definitely saw two really oppositional sides — being the alpha mom construct and the more realistic construct,” Germic told HuffPost. “In some ways, it seemed like neither of them were necessarily representative of what the larger parenting experience is.”