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Funding Information Heading link

Link to Conference Travel Funding Information

Travel Award Application Submission Details Heading link

1. UIC Graduate College Student Presenter Award – PhD & MA Student Presenters

  • Once it’s complete, the UIC Presenter Award application form is submitted in-person
    to Susana Sylvester (612 University Hall).
  • Be sure to submit this application closest to the deadline AFTER your trip (see
    website for details).
  • For the Student Presenter award the graduate college works with the department to
    match funds (i.e., you can receive $150 max from the COMM department).
  • Payment Processing: If approved, $150 will be received from Graduate College and
    the Department payment is processed through the COMM department’s TEM website
    (see below for details):
  • Once approved submit receipts for Department’s payment via TEM
    • Go to UIC TEM website and Log-In with NetID and Password
    • Create a new expense report
    • Fill in the following items:
      • Report Title: Name of Conference and Year
      • Purpose: Employee Travel/Meal Reimbursement and T-Card Charges
      • Payee Affiliation = Student
      • Business Purpose / Justification = explain how attending the
        conference helps you and the department.
      • Click Continue
    • Project code = C2-F100019-O493000-P493014 (also check with Diane for
      this info if you have questions).
    • Upload the appropriate receipts from conference travel you are claiming in
      TEM and make sure you fill in the appropriate information for money claimed
      (dates, costs, etc.)
    • Once this is complete – hit save, then submit
  • See the Graduate College Website for more information:
  • Important Note: An individual may not receive more than one Student Presenter
    Award per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

2. Graduate Student Council Travel Award – PhD & MA Student Presenters

  • Fill out the GSC application (see GSC Website) and get appropriate signatures (e.g.,
    advisor, department head, self).
  • E-mail application, confirmation of acceptance, and abstract to
  • Submit applications during the quarter the travel will occur (e.g., Q1: May 1-July 31,
    Q2: August 1-October 31 st , Q3: November 1-January 31, and Q4: February 1-April
  • Max Amount for award = $300
  • Allowable receipts for expenses include:
    • Hotel folio (official hotel receipt detailing daily charges for the room rate and
      taxes) for lodging
    • A boarding pass for airfare along with ticket purchase receipt
    • Gas receipts for car mileage
    • Car rental receipts
    • Conference registration receipt/confirmation
    • Poster charges
    • Meal expenses incurred while on travel
  • Important Note: According to the guidelines, a candidate is eligible to apply for the
    travel award only once per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). However, there are no
    limitations to the number of unique applications that a candidate can submit to the
    GSC. You can submit as many applications as you want per quarter, but note that the
    highest amount you will receive is $300. Please be advised that if your first
    application is deemed eligible for the travel award (and to receive the max amount of
    award money), the second and any subsequent ones will be made ineligible
  • See Website for more information: