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The comprehensive curriculum of the Department of Communication provides graduates with skills that apply to many different occupations. Our graduates have the flexibility to adapt to a quickly-changing world.

The Communication department at UIC is firmly rooted in the liberal arts. Rather than a narrowly-focused or purely skills-based program of study, you’ll study communication in the context of identifying and solving problems, and effectively interacting with a diverse and increasingly global community. Our degree will prepare you to succeed in a career that may not even exist yet. Research consistently shows that employers want students with a liberal arts education, who can proactively respond to challenges, and who can communicate effectively in written and oral form, individually and in teams.

The communication faculty at UIC have worked in a number of fields, and have held positions including policy analyst, web designer, documentary editor, writer, investment banker, coder, editor, information technology worker, dj, journalist, startup entrepreneur, radio announcer, musician, PR consultant, media consultant, voice-over artist, scriptwriter, illustrator, video producer, and more. Our majors can hold any of these positions, or many others. What follows is a short list of just a few positions and settings that may be of interest to communication majors. You can also find more ideas at


social media specialist, associate buyers, juniors copywriters, marketing assistants, planners, promotional specialists, research associates


digital and data storytellers, writers, reporters, advisors, designers

Media and Education:

advisors, audio-visual specialists, communication trainers, forensics coaches, recruiters, secondary social media specialists, announcers, production assistants, community relations assistants, copyeditors, news writers, publishing representatives, research assistants.

Public Relations:

agents, analysts, events coordinators, fund raisers, newsletter editors, public affairs specialists, press secretaries, recruiters, researchers, social media specialists.

Performing Arts:

administrative assistants, arts educators, music aides, promotion writers, production


media buyers, meditation, negotiations, social media specialists, human resources, entrepreneur, corporate training


legislative aides, information officers, press assistants, program coordinators, research specialists, speech writers, social media specialists


computer analysts, grant writers, marketing assistants, project assistants, research analysts, software trainers, technical writers, social media specialists


health educators, public relations assistants, publications editors, communication research assistants, social media specialists


dignitary hosts, foreign correspondents, foreign relations staff members, tour coordinators, translators, social media specialist


lobbyist, fundraiser, development officer, membership recruitment officer, philanthropy officer, director of outreach, community affairs liaison, grant writer


mediator, negotiator, attorney, legal researcher, paralegal researcher, legal secretary


Pathways to Careers in Communication

The LAS Cooperative Education and Internship Program reports that half of the communication students who participate in the internship program each year get jobs in their field within six months of graduation. Those who began jobs after their internships found work in

  • Television and radio stations
  • Corporate promotions departments
  • Market research firms
  • Human resources departments
  • Event planning businesses
  • Advertising agencies
  • Government