Internships and Independent Studies

The Program Coordinator, Erica Mann, is available by appointment only to discuss internships, career advising, and graduate school application/preparation. Please send an email to to schedule an appointment.


The Department calculates credit hours eligible for internships based on the following formula:

60 work hours = 1 credit hour.
Number of work hours per week x Number of weeks in semester = n; Number of total work hours. Then, n / 60 = Total number of Credit Hours earned.

Please note that credit cannot be received twice for the same internship. If a student chooses to seek another internship for credit hours, the internship itself must be different.

Independent Studies

Independent Study Forms are given to students who have already secured and Independent Study with a faculty member in the Department of Communication. To secure an independent study, a student should contact a faculty member – preferably a professor the student has taken a course with in the past – and propose to the faculty member what the student would like to study, and why that students selected that faculty member to be their mentor.

Although this course is not held in a classroom at a specific day and time on the college schedule of classes, students are expected to be available to meet with the faculty member throughout the semester for one-on-one guidance.